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Custom ProLiant Support Pack

Ryan Bess

Custom ProLiant Support Pack

We have several different models of servers: DL 320, 360, 380, 580's etc and all the different generations that come with those models. My question is this: I have downloaded the latest PSP 8.1 which only contains software. I know that that I can deploy this PSP to any server running windows server 2003 standard/enterprise/R2 but here's the kick. I want to create one big PSP include all the lastest firmware for each all the new firmware for all hardware parts for all models and generations then when i go to push out firmware/software i only have to have one Custom Support Pack. Will the VCA on the server only install the latest Firmware for each model?

Honored Contributor

Re: Custom ProLiant Support Pack

I think I understand what you are asking...

I don't think you can do this. I think you have to have a unique Custom support pack for each model to accomodate the firmware.

But I guess test it out. Perhaps you can add multiple firmware packages to a custom support pack and it will just ignore the ones it does not need during the push operation.

Ryan Bess

Re: Custom ProLiant Support Pack

Yeah i think it will. I think the verson control agent is smart enough to ignore the extra software/firmware that is available in a Support Pack and only install what it needs.
Graeme Bray
Regular Advisor

Re: Custom ProLiant Support Pack

Open the System Management Homepage of your SIM/VCRM server.
On the left hand side click "HP Version Control Repository Manager"
A new window will open. Here you can upload/create a custom support pack.
Click Create Custom Software Baseline
Select the OS, Enter a Name, Version and Language (all others is optional)
Select the Support Pack to base it off (8.1 in your case).
Select any additional components (firmware, software, etc) and remove any that you don't want (NIC, Fiber Channel, etc).
When done click Next and then just follow the rest of the prompts.

Then you will need to get all servers trusted in SIM (which I suppose you do.) You can then get one server that is trusted in SIM configured with this Baseline and then replicate the settings to all other servers in your environment.

Be aware, the more components you add, the longer it takes to push across the wire.