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Custom Tools - Environment Variables

T. Rectenwald
Occasional Advisor

Custom Tools - Environment Variables

I am trying to setup a custom tool on my CMS (Linux), that will trigger when a critical event comes in, and run a shell script on the CMS, passing the event text.

I've gotten everything to work except for the environment variables. The SIM reference manual says that I can pass them as %%NOTICELABEL%%, etc. However, this just reads them in as %NOTICELABEL%, one set of '%' characters stripped and no actual content.

This is Linux, so it is a Bash script being called. Can I pass env. vars. in through Linux, or does it have to be DOS Batch?

Thanks for the help,
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Custom Tools - Environment Variables

I use perl scripts.
For those you just need a "use env;" statement and then the variables are like $NOTICELABEL.

Just wondering if you need the double %, have you tried just single % around the variable name?