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Custom associations


Custom associations

Hey all

I've got a situation where i have unmanaged devices that I would like to add an associations of servers underneath.

The following is an example of the dependency chain;

SiteRouter01 --> SiteSwitch01 --> SiteServer01

While SIM seems to do an average job of creating these associations between ILO devices and servers, is there any way (commandline or otherwise) to create a manual system association? I only ask because I want the health status to roll up from my servers to my networking devices. Likewise, I wanted to roll failed status down, because if you can't get access to the router or switch the server will be offline too.

fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Custom associations


You cannot associate a server to a switch as HP SIM does it for Ilos and servers or enclosures and blades and ilos.

However, nothing prevent you from creating collections that would regroup the SiteRouter01 + SiteSwitch01 + SiteServer01. The collection could be named Site1 and HP SIM allows you to associate the collection members' status to the collection itself so that if one member of the cllection shows a major status for instance, this status is reflected to the highest point: being the collection itself.

That is the nearest configuration you can get to your point.

hope it helps

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Re: Custom associations

Thanks fred, that's pretty much what I had thought, although a collection doesn't provide me the nice system breakdown view in a tree like associations do.

Thanks for answering however!