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Re: Customizing Alerts...

Steven Maxwell Sinclair
Occasional Contributor

Customizing Alerts...

Windows Server 2003
SIM 5.2 SP1
Build C.

Is there any way to customize alerts to the point of sending separate alerts to separate email addresses for each core on a processor?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Customizing Alerts...

Okay, I'll bite: Why?

Even if an error is limited to a single core, everyone is going to get affected, so there really isn't a reason to do this; send the alert to everyone.
Rob Buxton
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Re: Customizing Alerts...

David, you beat me to it. I'm intrigued as to what you're looking to achieve here. It's certainly a remarkable level of alert granularity.

You can call custom commands and script things to do whatever you want.
HP SIM passes a lot of information about the event and you can parse the text and initiate actions based on that.