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DCOM 10009 Error update

Occasional Visitor

DCOM 10009 Error update

Hi All,

Event Type: Error
Event Source: DCOM
Event Category: None
Event ID: 10006
Date: 4/02/2008
Time: 10:50:45 PM
Computer: ws01
DCOM was unable to communicate with the compter using any of the configured protocols.

Reference 1 : 75 ITRC Forums 2004 Jan 06 DCOM 10009 Errors in HPSIM

As indicated in Reference 1, i understand the forum was closed but there was no workaround?

Can you please advise if HP have recently added a patch or new version to fix this DCOM 10009 problem?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: DCOM 10009 Error update

As stated previously, this is not a "problem" or a "bug" -- it is a natural outgrowth of using WMI. The only way to eliminate it is not to use WMI.
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Re: DCOM 10009 Error update

Thanks David.

The DCOM error comes up only for those unix boxes, switches and routers.

But can you please explain the statement you made below as iam unsure what this suppose to mean?:

"As stated previously, this is not a "problem" or a "bug" -- it is a natural outgrowth of using WMI."

"The only way to eliminate it is not to use WMI."

What do you mean by it is a natural outgrowth and if i do not use WMI what would be the effect on the system if i disable it and what other options will i have? Do any of the HP SIM settings allow me to disable calls to Non-WMI devices (such as unix boxes and routers) so the DCOM error does not occur?

I have already tired the workaround stated from the previous thread and the DCOM error still comes up.

Please help as i have exhausted everything i could find on the internet!!!