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Database Greyed out

Christopher Mitton
Occasional Visitor

Database Greyed out

Long story... HP SIM 5. MSDE database. Managed to delete the PMP_V3_0 ldf and mdf files.

Tried to reinstall SIM to correct the issue. The set up runs and does the inspection and finds a locally installed database. Takes me to the Database configuation screen but all the options apart from the password are greyed out. I enter the account password and click next. I get the option to do a custom or typical installtion. But the next button is greyed out for both options.

I have removed the MSDE installation and files. I have renamed the database.admin, database.props and the databaseadminupd.tpl files.

Ihave also removed the ODBC settings for that database to try and force a reinstall.

Any ideas.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Database Greyed out

If you're just trying to update PMP, first go into Add/Remove Programs and remove it.

I'd then manually check and clean up any directories.

You don't mention the version of HPSIM, you can download PMP as a separate install. 4.7 is the latest, not sure without checking, but I think it's limited to 5.2 and above.

You should be able to manually install that.