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Re: Database Name

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Database Name


I'd like to choose the database name duruing a silent install by using the dbname property in the silent.xml file.

However whatever I put there doe snot matter and the database name always ends up being of the form INSIGHT_V50_0_nnnnnnnn.

Is there a way to change this sin,ce DBA a pretty strict on naming convetions here...
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Re: Database Name

I found how to do it...

I can let the server install itself with it's own SQL and database.

After the initial installation is done the database config files can be changed to use other values, then stop the service and run mxinitconfig -a to reconfigure the server with a chosen database name.
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Re: Database Name

Good tip. I suspected that was the only way to do it, but am hesitant to because I don't trust that it won't wreck something.
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Re: Database Name

Hi, thats insight_V50_0_date_and_time format.
btw that you can not control through silent.xml that xml just have instance name.
default sim uses master database to connect to db to check rights.

make sense?

the method you have tried is also good. after that you can delete old db. there is no harm i see in that as i have tried it many times.