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Deleting old Data collections in SIM 4.1 SP1

Mark Tew_1
Occasional Contributor

Deleting old Data collections in SIM 4.1 SP1

Last night my SIM database gre by 20GB. I have about 800 servers monitored by SIM and I suspect that the data has grown during data collections. I have investigated what data is collected and found that SIM was set to collect data for the RIB cards (Management processors, I am currenty deleting the objects but this far the database hasnt gotten any smaller. I also checked the amount of total alerts and these hadn't grown, although I still have 5 million uncleared informational alerts that I cannot access (SIM just hangs and then logs out). So cant se where to delete the historic data collections, and if someone has some SQL that can delete the uncleared events Im hoping this will reduce the size of my DB.
Octavio Gramajo
Occasional Advisor

Re: Deleting old Data collections in SIM 4.1 SP1

Hi, I have the same problem but in a SIM 5 SP5 installation.
In a Insight Manager XE, this was possible runnig the follow query:

delete from DC_HistoricalOutput where DATEDIFF(DAY, TimeStamp, getDate()) <=60

I need help please.