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Deploy Proliant Support Pack

John Dorsch
Occasional Visitor

Deploy Proliant Support Pack

I am currently updating all support packs in a 100+ Server Environment. After Deployment, I notice that some systems management pages do not allow me to make config changes. They come up with an "Overall System Status" message instead of the agent configuration options. Thera is no tab for tasks as well. Some do not even come up with a settings tab. I see that the agents have indeed been installed on these servers. I also notice in the logs that I am authenticated with administrator status.

Thanks for any ideas you can give me... I am a bit new to this.


Rich Purvis
Honored Contributor

Re: Deploy Proliant Support Pack

It sounds like an SMH timeout issue. It is caused by a web app that is very slow to respond. One of two things usually cause this - the first is misconfigured or non-configured SNMP settings the second is a misconfigured or non-configured Version Control Agent. If the "Logs" tab is available you can go into the SMH log and see if any "timeout" entries are posted. If so they will have the response time for each app - the app with the longest response time is usually the one causing the issue. This will help narrow down if it is one of the 2 issues mentioned above.

Good Luck,

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