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Devices not adding to SIM

Occasional Advisor

Devices not adding to SIM

Hi all,

We are having an issue where when we use discovery to add a device to SIM, it runs its process but does not show it up in All Systems. if you start typing in the name in the search field it shows it in the list. If you click seach, it does not find it, but if you click on the name in the list that comes up when you type in the device name it shows all device details.

We cannot delete the devices as we cannot see them in the list to select them and delete them.

Has anyone had this issue ? It seems like there is a SQL Table corruption. Is there any way to do a consistancy check on the SQL Database ?

Occasional Advisor

Re: Devices not adding to SIM

Just to add to this, I upgraded SIM now from 5.3 to update 1 and now there are now NO systems showing at all anymore.

Under the System Status, it shows a number of servers under Health Status, but if you click on the number is shows in the list of devices. You can still search for the device and it lists in the search.

Becoming very annoying now.