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Difference between Deploys Options

Frequent Advisor

Difference between Deploys Options

Little bit confused,

In my SIM5 , What is the difference in the Deploy Options - Deploy Drivers and Firmware and agents between:

A. Install Software and Firmware
Is this one for individual selection of the Software which is under Support Pack install?
- Install Proliant Support Pack Install
Is this one to install the entire Full Support pack package

Please if someoen can enlightened me.


Szabolcs Petho_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Difference between Deploys Options

When you have a fresh op-sys installation and there is no ProLiant support pack on it, you can use the "Initial ProLiant Support Pack Install" to install it. It will ask for target administrator user account for the installation. If we suppose after this installation you have a working VCA on the target you can send software updates via the other menu, simply "Install Software and Firmware...".

Unfortunately the initial support pack in most of the case is not up-to-date, so after installing it you have to install the updates. The update can be another ProLiant Support Pack as well not only single updates.

Regards, Szabolcs