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Differenciatte Disk Thresholds

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Differenciatte Disk Thresholds


I've HP SIM 5.2 w/ SP2 installed on a Win 2003 SP2 server.

I would like to know if it's possible to have different disks thresholds for groups of server, meaning a group for server without databases and another for servers with databases.

My main problem is that i have servers with db's (mainly sql server) that have a certain number of disks completly allocated to the db datafiles and with a global threshold defined in HP SIM i've several events about this disks, in witch i would like to disable the thresholds.

Thanks In Advance
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Re: Differenciatte Disk Thresholds

Yes! Its quite straight forward. Either create a collection of those servers and run the set disk thresholds task on that collection manually or make the colection dynamic and assign a set disk threshold task to run any time a system is added to that collection.

TO create the collection simple select all the systems you need and 'save as colection'. Otherwise group them using a dynamic collection by specifying certain attributes i.e. ip address or system type. You can also set custom attributes for servers i.e. an attribute called My SQL DB Servers for example

Hope this helps
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