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Direct link to pages in HP SIM 5.x

wim cuypers_1
Occasional Visitor

Direct link to pages in HP SIM 5.x


I want to show certain pages from my HP SIM in a live slideshow. The live slideshow is capable of showing webpages, so I need to know how I can directly link to i.e. the 'all systems' or the 'All Events' page.

Many thx in advance
wim cuypers_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Direct link to pages in HP SIM 5.x

anyone a suggestion ??
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Direct link to pages in HP SIM 5.x

The security model doesn't really make browsing directly to a page easy. Your case could probably be better covered with an ODBC link to get at the database itself. Something that might be of interest is that the overall systems status informtion is provided by an optional RSS feed if you want. See the user guide for more detil: --> Information Library
Jimmy Rueedi
Frequent Advisor

Re: Direct link to pages in HP SIM 5.x

Hello Wim

The main problem would be the Logon issue as david mentioned.
If you get this working, you can link directly to every page (wihtout the other frames by the infoprmation you get if you right click the desired page (in IExplore) an get the address which is showing in properties.

I would like to suggest, you write a vbscript for the slideshow, where you can catch the logon issue (I wrote a little example in the following thread:

Maybe you can work with WScript.sleep and a loop to get a repeating slideshow...