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Disable specific alert on specific server in HP SIM

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Disable specific alert on specific server in HP SIM



We are about to retire a server with expired warranty. We are just going to keep it for a couple of weeks to ensure the transition went well. I'm currently getting an alarm from HP SIM every day by e-mail that the "Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040)". Is it possible to disable this specific alert but still getting noticed if anything else breaks down?




// Viktor

Brad Cunningham
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Re: Disable specific alert on specific server in HP SIM

In SIM got to options>events>SNMP trap settings


Select MIB cpqida.mib


This should show "(SNMP) Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040)"


You can turn this off completely by setting the Enable Trap Handling to "No"  or change the severity to Informational so it would not be pick up by your notification event handler




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Re: Disable specific alert on specific server in HP SIM

Hi Brad,


Thanks for your reply.


Will this disable battery warnings for all servers in our HP SIM or just this specific one? If everyone, is it possible to specify it per server somehow?




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Re: Disable specific alert on specific server in HP SIM

Yes is will. Be very careful. The directions given are fantastic and will do the job, and most of us want this BECAUSE, we are on call, and since this is considered a critical alert, it will trigger a page if this is how you have your HPSIM server’s setup. I talked to our HPSIM server manager, and he stated the only real way to do this, is to kill the services on the server, and sadly said you'd have to kill ALL of the HP agent services. The other way to do this is to go into the HPSIM console, find the server you want to manage and select it. You should be at the Main/Home screen of the server. From there, click on "Tools & Links", then under the "HP Systems Insight Manager Pages" there will be some links. You want to click on the link that reads "Suspend/Resume Monitoring" - In here; you will see three different options, 1. Enable monitoring of this system / 2. Suspend monitoring of this system for (choose the time with a drop down menu / 3. Suspend monitoring of this system indefinitely.
I personally do not want to suspend monitoring all day, just until the batter gets here and I have a chance to install it. So, since I don't want to get woken up at 2am due to this "PAGE", which is usually a duplicate, then before I go to bed, I will remote into HPSIM from home, and choose option 2. Suspend monitoring of this system for... and I will choose 8 hours or 9 hours, or however long I need to so I am not woken up by this server.
It is not optimal, and we used to have HPSIM NOT page in the middle of the night because with nearly 1700 servers, we would never get any sleep. But, we ended up enabling it to page in the middle of the night, but we placed a delay on the parameters, such as "server unreachable" in case someone had a scheduled reboot. We didn't want to know about those. But, you have to consider if you have a large data center, and the HVAC fails, it starts to get extremely hot, then if a server goes down, and is down beyond the delay period to page you, we will get paged. We know this is now a down server and not a reboot, however we are on the lookout, where if another one goes down beyond the delay, then another, and another, then it's obvious, and we are paged, and we are able to resolve the issue in the middle of the night if it is a HVAC, over heating issue, instead of not knowing that half our servers are down until the morning employees start to come in, and/or we walk in an extremely hot room, and have to call for all IT hands on deck!
Your follow up question about, if this change affects all servers, was a good question, and prompted several things to be considered which may not have been considered earlier.
Thanks and look forward to feedback, IF it is not rude and arguable! Please let's have a tasteful exchange if this topic continues and not blast each other. Because each of us have a different datacenter setup, and we cannot divulge why we do some things, because it would reveal what type of business we work for, and we all know there are decisions we make based on reasons we cannot say... so, consider that before someone gets rude and unprofessional. I can't stand that :-) just saying...

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Re: Disable specific alert on specific server in HP SIM

Writing this post has generated a conversation among our server team members. We have decided that there is no reason for this to be a critical event, which is what fires off the pager, and is the issue in our environment. Therefore, we just had upper management agree to make this a warning instead of a critical. We will still get an email from HPSIM, so will reinforce to the server team to make sure we DO NOT skip over any emails we receive from HPSIM. When a battery fails, then we will assign that task to a server team member and open a ticket, to confirm the issue is being addressed, and nobody gets paged in the middle of the night. This is not something we would come into work at 2:00am to address anyway since the array information is kept on the drives as well as the array board supported by the battery.

Hope this helps, although your environment and reasons and processes may be entirely different from ours, but this gives you your options.


See previous post about disabling for cpqida.mib, which affects all servers (unless someone politely corrects me), or suspend using one of the three options given, or if getting paged in the middle of the night it the issue for you, then set the alert to warning, or something other than critical. I hope this helps. This is also the first time I have ever posted to a board by the   after being in technology and IT as a career for 20 years!

good luck all :-)

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Re: Disable specific alert on specific server in HP SIM



You could also select for wich events you want to be paged, things like array battery would be one you don't want to te be paged about. I made a filter for wich events i don't want to get informed about in our monitoring system.

Kind regards,