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Discovery Questions

Jamie Curran

Discovery Questions

HI I have an HPSIM6.3 CMS running on Windows 2008 Standard Editions server R2 SP1. The server is within a test domain and I would like to be able to manage servers in this test domain as well as one other test domain and our production domain. I have SNMP setup on servers in all 3 domains with the same community strings. When I do a discovery with hosts files or just by adding a single server, I always get a could not resolve DNS name and could not do a reverse lookup . All systems show up in the CMS console as IP addresses and that is not what I want. I would like to see the FQDN. Even servers within the same domain as the CMS are not discovered by their FQDN.  The only server that is shown by name is the SMS.


I have added domain suffixes to the domain search order and I have even added the DNS servers from all domains under the advanced options on the teamed adapter  TCPIP V4 properties. The CMS has 2 nic's are teamed not sure if that makes a difference???. I can ping  servers from each domain from the CMS using its FQDN from a command prompt?? Any thought??

 Also when I do discover the servers and that are shown via IP when I check health status it shows me Ping and SNMP with green check mark icon but under SNMP the only things that show a manageable status (green check mark Icon) are Windows OS and Thresholds??? 

ON the CMS I see a host of manageable options like Windows OS, thresholds, Drive Array , FC , ??? Maybe discovery is not fully completing??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Discovery Questions

Did you check if these servers are listed in the DNS server?
Are these servers domain suffixes correct in the computer properties (not network properties)?
Check the system credentials entered (in SIM) for these servers so that an identify task can run.

See if these help.