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Discovery for Blade Chassis - SN instead of name. Duplicate iLO

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Discovery for Blade Chassis - SN instead of name. Duplicate iLO




I'm just wondering what the correct process is for discoverying a Blade Chassis and it's inhabitants to display correct in HP SIM.



I'm doing a discovery of just the OA "single device discvoery" at the moment,  with these settings:


I have a couple of problems with what's returned:



1. The Blade is displayed with the Serial Number instead of the Server (Within the Blade Chassis interface the name isplayed)  - I know the Blade contents is discovered via XML on the Chassis and have actually viewed the XML output and no servernames and listed in there,  so wondering if the problem is on the Blade side?



2) the iLO seems to be discovered twice:



I've also tried deselecting the two options for discoering the contents of the Chassis and iLO and then manually discovering the servers and iLOs seperatley. 



But this means:



a)  Flex Fabric modules are not discovered?

b) I still have the same problems,  and the iLO is not linked the chassis etc.



Any help would be appreciated!









Re: Discovery for Blade Chassis - SN instead of name. Duplicate iLO

Hey Matt;

I had the same issues. I have not seen a proper documented process from HP on what is the "Proper" way to do discoveries. I have 2 discoveries setup. 1 is for my ilo network and 1 is for my host. My host and ilos are on separate networks. Once those discoveries are ran and the appropriate credentials specified in the discovery, the hosts should be display the correct host name. You need to make sure your host and ilo names are present in DNS.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Discovery for Blade Chassis - SN instead of name. Duplicate iLO

Hello there,


The proper way to discover your (blade) servers is first discover the OA, the XML reply that give the ILO information. So if this finishes you have you Enclosure, modules in the enclosure and blades. The OA and ILo only know the hardware bit. So now you have server with the name of the serialnumber. If you discover your servers OS with credentials and have the Hp Management agents running. If the system is cerectly discovered the system finds the serialnumber the system now knows the servers link the serial already present in SIM. Now the serial gets deleted and replaced with the server with discovered Status and System information.


If the server is not discovered correctly the server you discover gets the status unknown an the serialnumer server stays without any extra information.


Kind regards,




Kind regards,

jim goodman
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Re: Discovery for Blade Chassis - SN instead of name. Duplicate iLO

Adding to what Andrew replied with is the "process" for discovery... it has been documented by HP in one of the myriad of documents. Here is my condensed and paraphrased version....


Initial Discovery should always begin first with OA’s. Once the discovery task and subsequent identification tasks take place you can review the associations of the discovered devices. Same with the ML/DL iLO’s – with all iLO discoveries you should have a discovered “bare metal” server discovered and associated to it. Since the iLO knows nothing about the OS the discovery is based on the information contained in the System Bios represented by serial number for the hostname. You will also know by icon under HW column whether or not the server is powered on or off at the time of discovery.



For understanding discovery best practice, here's a couple of old blog posts.....