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Discovery of ESXi and HyperV Hosts and VM

Colin Yip
Frequent Advisor

Discovery of ESXi and HyperV Hosts and VM

Hi all,


I'm having issues in successfully discovering the VM hosts and guests from HPSIM. Could those of you who have successfully done this help me on some queries and see if my assumptions are correct?


a) I'm using the free HPSIM 7.1, without Insight Control and VMM. I understand this is sufficient for discovery and identification of VMs, just that you can't "manage" them. Is this correct?


b) VM discovery uses WBEM protocol. WMI mapper proxy can be the SIM server itself. WBEM providers need to be installed on the hypervisors. 


c) For ESXi, the problem faced is that the identification times out during the WBEM discovery phase. Sniffing the traffic shows some traffic going back and forth on port 5989 so it should not be an ACL issue, unless other ports are also required? Any idea what could be the problem?


d) For HyperV, i installed the WBEM provider. However port 5989 is not listening. BUT, when I try to discover it actually passes the WBEM discovery phase and detects the hardware, but not the VMs.


Any advice on any of the above, whether the procedure or the assumptions, would be greatly appreciated! Or if anyone can point me to a good documentation/blog on this, it would also be helpful.




Re: Discovery of ESXi and HyperV Hosts and VM

Can you tell me what version of ESXi you're using?  Also, are you using the HP image that includes the CIM?

This is a good document that I have used in the past:

The good stuff starts on page 7.

I have had issues with WBEM discovery on my ESXi 5.0 hosts in the past.  It was miraculously solved by using a different login (the HP SIM service account) when logging in to HP SIM itself before attempting discovery and managed system wizard.


Here is a document for Hyper-V:
It's a bit unclear as to whether or not you will be able to discover your hosted VMs using only HP SIM without Insight Control or VMM, and I don't have any experience with Hyper-V.


I hope I've helped at least a little!