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Disk capacity not refreshed

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Disk capacity not refreshed



Currently using SIM 6.3 with all the latest patches; tried another instance under 6.2.

Both servers shows the same issue : the disk capacity (stored in the table CIM_LOGICALDISK) is correctly refreshed during discovery time but later the disk aren't refreshed.


So when I discover a system for the first time I got to have the disk capacities (e.g. c drive total space/used space) but those values aren't updated. this is doing on all (?) the servers I have looked up.


Technically the servers I am monitoring are all Wintel HP servers with the agents running. I have set a full trust from the SMH website to include the certificates from HP SIM.


What are the necessary steps to ensure that I have those values updating ? Not so long ago I had indeed those values that were updating.


Thanks you for the help


Moon guy


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Re: Disk capacity not refreshed

ok found the issue; there is a task called 'data collection' just make it run when you want as it seems that the snmp doesn't alert anymore for a disk capacity change.
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Re: Disk capacity not refreshed

Correct, an SNMP trap is not triggered when the capacity of a logical disk changes but this is picked up when a data collection is run.

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