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Disk threshold & WBEM

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Disk threshold & WBEM


Does anyone know if I can use the disk threshold feature if I only use WBEM. All other posts just mention SNMP but this is not installed on our servers.

I have set the threshold in agents settings and an event appears in event viewer but I am not notified through SIM.

Many Thanks.

fred Passeron
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Re: Disk threshold & WBEM


Thresholds are now set. The value of these thresholds is persistent and is not lost during a reboot. If the
Insight Providers are uninstalled, these threshold values are preserved.
If utilization surpasses a threshold, an indication is generated. For an indication to be received, a subscription must exist for one of the following indication classes:
â ¢ HP_CpuThresholdIndication (to get only the CPU indications)
â ¢ HP_DiskThresholdIndication (to get only the Disk indications)
â ¢ HP_ThresholdIndication
â ¢ CIM_ThresholdIndication
â ¢ CIM_AlertIndication
â ¢ CIM_ProcessIndication
â ¢ CIM_Indication
If the server is being managed by HP SIM, the threshold values can be captured and pushed to other HP SIM-managed servers through the replicate agent settings functionality.

the most important line is the following :
a subscription must exist for one of the following indication classes:
you may install the providers, they may work locally but you need to subscribe indications to the HP SIM server if you want it to recieve these wbem indications.

to do select your server in HP SIM and use the configure and repair agent tool to subscribe wbem indications : Configure WBEM / WMI Create subscription to WBEM events

insight providers manals are available on the folowing page :

Hope it helps


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Re: Disk threshold & WBEM

Thanks for the reply.

Looking at manual:
Integrating HP Insight Management WBEM Providers with HP System Insight Manager

It says "Disk and processor thresholds cannot be received in HP SIM 5.2 This feature will be functional in HP SIM 5.3."

Looks like im going to have to wait. A contact in HP has told me a release date of Jan 2009! Super.

Thanks Anyway