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Display of bl p-Class Rack in HP SIM

Philipp Stummer
Occasional Contributor

Display of bl p-Class Rack in HP SIM

Hi there!

I have a little problem in diplaying my Blade-Rack in HP-SIM. The rack is full of servers but only 2 servers are displayed in HP-SIM.
I've checked some of the servers according to their management-agents, snmp-settings and trust to the hp-sim-Server. Under "all systems" most of the servers are present!
In the attachment is a picture of my hpsim, maybe it's more use than my writing ;-)

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Display of bl p-Class Rack in HP SIM

The associations are built through the iLOs in each system. If HP SIM has not discovered your iLO as a separate IP address and associated it with the server blade, HP SIM can't make the connection to the cabinet.

Make sure you have SNMP/Insight Manager Settings set to high. If you have various revisions of firmware of the following, bring them all up to a consistent level:

- blade infrastructure firmware
- power supply firmware
- iLO firmware