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Does HP SIM monitor HP iLO components?

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Does HP SIM monitor HP iLO components?

Hi there,

- Does HP SIM monitor HP iLO components?
- Is there a snmp MIB available for HP iLO so it can be monitored with any monitoring tool?

Thanx in advance.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Does HP SIM monitor HP iLO components?

The ILO doesn't really have much in the way of components to monitor.
But yes, the ILO can be configured to send snmp traps.
It can also be configured to forward snmp traps from the host. You might use that approach if HPSIM only has access to a management VLAN and not the VLAN the server itself is on.
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Re: Does HP SIM monitor HP iLO components?

The following is stated in

"The iLO device acts strictly as a pass-through service for SNMP functions. The SNMP port is one of only two ports in iLO that allow traffic to be passed to the host OS through the iLO driver. Because it does not encrypt data, there could be security concerns about the data that iLO passes from the host server, such as the OS, type of processor, number of I/O devices, etc. If administrators want to continue to use the SNMP functions, they can set firewalls and routers to accept only specific source and destination addresses. For example, an administrator can allow inbound SNMP traffic into the host server only if it comes from a predetermined management workstation. Administrators can also set the passwords (community strings) according to the same guidelines as administrative passwords. Finally, administrators can disable SNMP entirely."

It seems that it only passes through snmp traffic to the host. So the iLO itself can not be monitored via snmp get/traps.

What do you think?