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E-mail notification regarding "Important Uncleared Events"

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Thomas Olsen_1
Frequent Advisor

E-mail notification regarding "Important Uncleared Events"

Hi All

I have configured to receive e-mail notifications regarding "Important Uncleared Events".
My concern is that I receive these notifications instantly. It looks to me that if it misses one ping or the timeout is a bit longer than normal, it sends me the notifications.
So with out WAN links, I for example receive a notification that a remote printer is unreachable, but it is only because of a small network delay.

Is it possible to change the thresholds for when the alerts are generated and the notifications are sent?

Appreciate some help.


/Thomas O
Regular Advisor

Re: E-mail notification regarding "Important Uncleared Events"

I don't know if you can change the threshoulds, but maybe you can create a new customized event group.
You can do it clicking on "Customize..." link on the left panel of sim screenshot.
In attach you can see the contents of group "Important Uncleared Events".
You can create an event group similar to Important Uncleared Events (maybe without considering events with severity=major) do some test and find the appropriate condition for your needs. After that you can configure sim to send an e-mail for a new event that is a member of this new group.
This is only an idea...

Steve Weeks_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: E-mail notification regarding "Important Uncleared Events"

Personally i would think it's down to your SNMP settings.

Ours were configured to 5 seconds (default) i increased it to 100 seconds and 3 retries, therefore giving 5 mins of the server being 'off' before sending an alert.
Thomas Olsen_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: E-mail notification regarding "Important Uncleared Events"

Hi Steve

Thanks for the feedback.
I have changed the ICMP and SNMP timeouts to 30 sec with 3 retries, so let's hope that will do it.

Thanks again.