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ESX 3.i discovery in SIM 5.3

Occasional Contributor

ESX 3.i discovery in SIM 5.3

Since I have upgraded my SIM 5.2 SP2 CMS to SIM 5.3 I am having problems discovering ESX 3i servers.

They are in a C class enclosure. I can discover the OA which creates the logical nodes for the 3i servers but when I then try to discover the individual 3i servers nothing happens. I am using the proper credentials.

I had a similar issue months ago with SIM 5.2 until I installed a Hotfix that we found named SIM52_hotfix_2008July_win.exe.

That hotfix added some .jar files to the system that were reflected in the Help/About on SIM.

Since the upgrade to SIM 5.3 those files do not appear in the Help/About. I assumed that the functionality that was in the hotfix made it into SIM 5.3 but who knows. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Thanks in advance!