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ESX and SIM Agent - Authentification

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ESX and SIM Agent - Authentification

Hello together,
one of our customers has the following Problem with ESX and HPSIM. Since the ESX-Serves were updated with Update 2, if the SIM-Server connects to the ESX without Agent installed and a User Account with no rights it seems like a defunct prozess is spawned from cim server. This of course is problematic and VMWare is working on this behaviour.
Now they entered a correct User with root rights at the ESX in the SIM Server and the behavior is not occuring, now my question:

1)Are root rights for connection with the ESX (SIM Agent on ESX) needed for polling the machine, or what rights are needed by the user entered in the SIM Server that connects to the ESX machines.

2) Is the SIM Agent installed with root rights on the ESX Servers? Yes, i think, and after that which User with what right is needed on the ESX?

can anyone help?
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Re: ESX and SIM Agent - Authentification

HP Insight agents work with SNMP

SNMP does not need any rights, only correct entries in snmpd.conf (community string)

WBEM is another case. It needs a user account to connect and usually root works =)

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Re: ESX and SIM Agent - Authentification

Yes, i think connection is made via WBEM and there the Authentification Problem appears, if no correct User is given.
If Connectino is made with root rights, there is no Problem, now, are root right needed, or could an account with lesser rights be used?