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ESXi 4.0 Hardware and HP SIM 5.3

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ESXi 4.0 Hardware and HP SIM 5.3

I have installed an ESXi Server and I am trying to monitor it with HP SIM 5.3. I have configured it to use WBEM to monitor the server, and I am able to see it within HP SIM, I have also configured Automatic Event Notification and I am getting emails from that based on login events and so forth, however I am not getting any Hardware alerts.

Can someone please let me know how I can get HP SIM to email me when its health status changes. When I review the server I can see it display a "warning" when I pull the power plug from its redundant supply, however no emails are sent.

I hear many people talk about SNMP, but that is not natively available within ESXi, and supposedly WBEM is supported, It does show the health change in HP SIM, just no alert when it does.

Thanks for all your help in advance.
David Claypool
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Re: ESXi 4.0 Hardware and HP SIM 5.3

See and scroll down to find "HP VMware ESXi Management Environment integration note"
Nicolai Rasmussen
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Re: ESXi 4.0 Hardware and HP SIM 5.3

Did you also remember to subscribe to WBEM events from that particular system. Setting up WBEM communication is not enough, you have to subscribe to the events aswell (Options->Events->Subscribe to WBEM events)
Martin Patzel
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Re: ESXi 4.0 Hardware and HP SIM 5.3


I have a problem with WBEM subscription, too:
First of all I managed to install HP WEBES 1.1 agents on the ESXi 4.0 server and could subscribe to WBEM events (with HP-SIM).

After that we had to transfer the server to a remote location and had to change the IP address of the ESXi management interface. After that I can't subscribe anymore. I had uninstalled and reinstalled the WBEM agents, but still no subscription possible. I deleted and rediscovered the server in HP-SIM... no go.

WBEM access itself works (I can receive management information)...

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.