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Re: ESXi and HP Insight Manger

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ESXi and HP Insight Manger

I have a server running ESXi 3.5 with the HP management agents. My Insight Manger application (v 5.2 with SP2, HF 2 & HF 3) identifies it properly and even sees that it is running ESX. How can I get it to alert when there are HW problems? If a disk fails or a power supply fails I need to be alerted. Can this be accomplished, and what is the procedure to get it to work?
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Re: ESXi and HP Insight Manger

The HP load of ESXi comes with ProLiant WBEM Providers that work with the CIMOM that is present with ESXi. WBEM utilizes the concept of 'indications' which must be subscribed to by the management station. In HP SIM, go to Options --> Events --> Subscribe to WBEM indications to complete this task.
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Re: ESXi and HP Insight Manger

I tried to subscribe. I got the following error from the system

FAILED to create indication subscription.