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EVA8000 infromation in SIM5.1

Frequent Advisor

EVA8000 infromation in SIM5.1

Hi all,
I have the EVA showing up in SIM under Storage and I can get to CV5 throught the Links page.
On the system page it does not display any of the volume, ports, etc information.
When I do a data collection it comes up with the error below.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

An unexpected error was returned while writing to the database.
Root Cause: Possible causes for this error:
o The database and/or LUN on which it resides is full;
o Some unanticipated data from the proxy could not be handled by the persistence layer or the database;
o Some other unknown problem occurred in the persistence layer.
Corrective Action:
o Make sure that the database has adequate space to insert new data;
o An HP engineer may need to go through the log files to interpret the nature of the exception, and to determine what can be done about it.

An unexpected general error occurred during data collection. Data may be incomplete.
Root Cause: Refer to any accompanying, more specific, lower level, error messages that precede this one.
Corrective Action: Refer to any accompanying, more specific, lower level, error messages that precede this one.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8000 infromation in SIM5.1

That's an interesting error - not seen that before.

HPSIM discovers the EVAs via the server that has CV EVA installed. This requires SMI-S is installed and working on the CV EVA Server.

Search for wbemdisco and use that to test access from the HPSIM Server.

You need to enter the wbem credentials for the SMI-S connector into the server specific wbem settings for the CV EVA Server.
You also need to check wbem is enabled globally on the HPSIM Server, I keep the credentials blank at the global level.

Finally, you mention CV5, I had a lot of problems getting CV5 and the version of SMI-S included working, CV6, especially some of the patch update versions worked straight away.
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Re: EVA8000 infromation in SIM5.1

Cheers Rob,
Running wbemdisco produces the following.
Maybe I'll wait until we upgrade to CV7, was just seeing if I could get SIM to pull info out for the EVA.

C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager>echo off
WbemDisco 01.00.01
Gui: Gui starting
Gui: Creating frame...
PORT = 5989
NAMESP = root/pg_interop
USER = administrator
PASSWD = *****
Connect to in namespace root/pg_interop with SSL=true

Description=Pegasus CIM Server Version

Enumerating instances of CIM_RegisteredProfile...

SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Pool Manipulation Capabilities and Settings
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Job control
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Physical Package Package
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Backend Ports
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Masking and Mapping
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Disk Drive Lite
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:FC Target Port
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Fibre Channel Initiator Port
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:LUN Creation
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Copy Services
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Access Point
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Multiple Computer System
SubProfile.RegisteredName=SNIA:Block Server Performance
NameSpace = root/EVA
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA8000 infromation in SIM5.1

I've just downloaded CV6.0.2.
Looking on the compatibility matrix this version works with XCS 5.1xx.
Can you confirm this is true? also that CV6 is not tied into the 180 day grace period?
I was thinking of upgrading to CV6, then doing an online XCS5.1 > 6.1 followed by a CV7.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8000 infromation in SIM5.1

We ran CV 6.0.2 with XCS 5.1. We then upgraded XCS to 6.1 and kept the 6.0.2 version of CV. So yes it works.

I'm still trying to get the various license keys for CV7. But CV6 doesn't need licenses to work unless you have things like Business Copy or Continuous Access.

That output from wbemdisco does seem to indicate that it successfully contacted SMI-S.

I think going for CV 6.0.2 will give better connectivity and reporting via HPSIM.
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA8000 infromation in SIM5.1

Cheers Rob,
Upgraded to 6 then 6.02, all ok.
Checked wbemdisco and cimuser, all ok.
Ran identify system on SIM and hey presto!
I now have all the information and a nice little pie chart :-).
My boss will love that..
The only thing that isn't working is IE6 on the CV server generating an error pulling up the server presentation information.
Looks like a java error.

It must have been the flakey CV5 and smi..
Next step xcs5.1 > 6.1

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8000 infromation in SIM5.1

If you use continuous access on the eva drop me a line at rob dot buxton at wcc dot govt dot nz.

There's a couple of things that are not that clear in the release notes. Caused a bit of bother in the upgrade here.