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Email Alerts

Derek Brawders_2
Occasional Contributor

Email Alerts

Had an issue with the Insight Manager process chewing up a ton of RAM. Restarted the service and web site is available, but have not received any email alerts for about 12 hours. I figured that this was mainly due to the errors I was getting due to the memory issue, but I still have yet to receive any since the reset. Any place I can go and send a test message or view pending messages? I show nothing on our main mail server in our queues.

Matthew J Warrick
Frequent Advisor

Re: Email Alerts

Quickest way I can think of to generate email alerts is to create a new email alert that is triggered when a test trap is received. That way you can send a test trap from a random server and it should generate an email essentially immediately without waiting for polling to take place.
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