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Email Notification


Email Notification


We have SIM V.4.2 and are having problems with email notifications, we think the alert email is being blocked by Mcafee anti virus but need to be able to test it. Does anyone know A. The program name HPSIM uses to send emails and B. how can we send a test email form HPSIM.

Thanks in advance.
Fredrik Kenmo
Occasional Advisor

Re: Email Notification

Hi Michael,

I used the "Send Test Trap" feature from the System management homepage of one of the servers to generate a trap. This would result in an e-mail being sent - depending on your notification settings of course.

Click Settings-tab, SNMP & Agent settings and then the button [Send test trap].

Perhaps this could be one way to test?

Best regards,
Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Email Notification

HPSIM uses SMTP to send emails. You need to create a user account on your mailserver so that sim can send you notifications.
You can do this from OPTIONS->Events->Automatic Event Handling->Email Settings.

Once this has been configured you could create a "NEW TAsk" from OPTIONS->Events->Automatic Event Handling->NEw Task to send you "All Events" notifications as a test email.

To check if this task has run properly you could then select this task from the list and click on "Task Results"


Re: Email Notification

Thanks, we know it uses SMTP but we need to know the name of the program that creates the smtp message e.g. hpsim.exe or whatever ti is.

IT Helpdesk_3
Occasional Visitor

Re: Email Notification

Can't you use right-click on the McAfee system tray icon on the SIM server, open the VirusScan Console, right-click on "Access Protection" and then "view log".
It should identify the program that it's blocking.

Re: Email Notification

Yes we did this and have resoplved the issue.