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Email notification customization for FC switch event

Gerald Orban
Occasional Contributor

Email notification customization for FC switch event

I'm using HP SIM 7.1 I have a particular connUnitPortStatusChange SNMP event that I want to be able to customize the email notificaiton that HP SIM generates.


Right now the email notifiction is;


Event Name: (SNMP) connUnitPortStatusChange

URL: I've removed the URL link

Event originator: nlsw10

Event Severity: Informational

Event received: 22-Feb-2013, 06:02:56


Event description: The overall status of the connectivity unit has  changed. Recommended severity level (for filtering): alert


I've already re-configured the SNMP event to generate the event to modify the Trap details to include the name of the port. It looks something like;




Trap Details

Variable Description              Value

An overall protocol status for the port. This value of connUnitPortState is not online, then this is reported Unknown.




The user selected state of the port hardware.




A user-defined name for this port. This means that up to DisplayString characters may be supported. If less than, then the name will be truncated in the connunit.



Mib Information
The associated MIB File Name for this trap is fa-mib40.mib and the MIB identifier FCMGMT-MIB



I've created a unique EventHandler for the FC swicthes that generate this SNMP/HP SIM email notification. How can I modify the email notification to include the "server1_hba1_port1" (i.e. port name) in the email message.