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Re: Enable registration via SNMP


Enable registration via SNMP


I'm currently setting up a new HPSIM server at our company, our current HPSIM server is old and in need of a clean up. We are therefor starting with a clean install.

On our old system we are able to "register" new clients via SNMP. We run a snmptrap command like "snmptrap -v1 -c compaq enterprises.232 '' 6 11003 '' system.5.0 s `cat /proc/sys/kernel/hostname` enterprises. i 0 enterprises. s 'New server trap'" which registers the client with the HPSIM server and creates a event.

I guess there is a option we need to set to allow this behavior on the server, because it's not working for new clients. I'm able to execute the snmptrap from a already existing client and create a event, but not from a node that is not registered with the HPSIM server.

I have looked through the different options but I can seem to find where these settings are stored, and to honest I'm not sure what to look for.
Does anyone else use this kind of functionality and know where the settings are stored?


Alexander Davidsen
Honored Contributor

Re: Enable registration via SNMP

Not at home, but from memory it's an option under Options -> Discovery.
Discover a server if an event is received from it.
But why not just discover servers via IP ranges?

Re: Enable registration via SNMP

Perfect, Rob. Excatly what I was looking for!:)

Working like a charm.

I want the system automaticly added when it's installed. That why I need this option :)

Re: Enable registration via SNMP

For a system to get automatically discovered, it should have a trust relationship set with the cms server which I think is not available in the SIM. We need to provide the user id and password inaddition to snmp and webm credentials for discovering the system