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Enabling Ssystem Management HomePage for ESXi 5.1

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Enabling Ssystem Management HomePage for ESXi 5.1

Hi All,

I have HP Windows Servers in my enviornement and when I access the link https://servername:2381 the System Management Home page comes up fine.


I am trying to achieve the same on a HP Server running HP custom ESXi 5.1 --- I have looked on google and asked HP support as well. However they are saying this is not possible. is there no way when I open URL https://esxi01:2381 -- all the hardware details come up like in Windows?



Thanks in advance

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Re: Enabling Ssystem Management HomePage for ESXi 5.1



What is the Generation for the server if it's a Gen8 or newer you can use the ILO and AMS software. I believe that since the 5.x versions of ESX you need to install the ESX agent here :


This package will enable you to discover and poll the server using a root like account. SMH is depricated since the 5.x version. 

Kind regards,