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Erase all data

Occasional Contributor

Erase all data


I have a lot of inconsistency in my database and I would like to erase all the base to make a new discovery.

Can you give me the best technology to avoid manually delete the database and reinstall the product?

Thank you in advance.

Additionally, as you advise me to do a discovery 1720 server, remote, and legacy (HP ML110 G6 + iLo with 4 basic card). by the name or ip addresses? In my first attempt, HP SIM started to mix the hostname and IP.

Thank you

Valued Contributor

Re: Erase all data

You can run in cmd line -

mxinitconifg -r

Then once it's done you can do

mxinitconfig -a, It will set everything back to defaults.

You can do ilo or hostname depending on your DNS.