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Errors in Audit log

Johan Alberts_1
Occasional Advisor

Errors in Audit log

I'm cleaning up our SIM installation and have only a few problems left to solve.

I have been looking in the Audit Log for som clues on what could be wrong in SIM. One thing that i have found is that we get a lot of erors reported that state "This transaction is invalid".
Just below that there is an entry that says "The name "XXX\YYY\ZZZ" does not represent a user in this system.
XXX represent the name of the SIM server
YYY is the Netbios domain name.
ZZZ is the Username.

Further down in the log there are som other entries taht loks like this:
This entry is a sucess:
152717: 2006-12-14 09:47:53 CET,CONFIG,SUCCESS,MODIFY,NODE,btmomni,SUMMARY,XXX\YYY,0,1175,

This entry is an error:
152718: 2006-12-14 09:48:14 CET,CONFIG,FAILURE,MODIFY,TASK,<>,ERROR,XXX\YYY\ZZZ,0,1181

As far as i can see there seems to be a configuration error somewhere in SIM. It look like someone has put an incorrect username (XXX\YYY\ZZZ) somewhere in the SIM system. I did a search in the SIM filestructure and found only one file that had this entry. That file was "SCAN-TASK.XML". I changed the entry in that file manually but that didn't correct the issue.