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Event Details: IPM authorization failure

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Event Details: IPM authorization failure


We are gettgin the above error code for a few of our blade servers the server is a HP BL460c.
The insight message is
Insight Power Manager was unable to log in the system`s management processor due to incorrect or missing credentials. Please ensure correct credentials are entered on the Insight Power Manager options page.

I can't seem to find any credentials on this page, can any one shed any light on this error message.

Thank you

Re: Event Details: IPM authorization failure

IPM needs the iLO credentials to perform authenticated data access, but it would appear that this step still needs to be completed.

IPM 2.0 or later will use any sign-in credentials created by HP SIM.

One way to set this up is to navigate to the system properties page for the iLO 2 management processor for the server, then follow the â system credentialsâ link on the â Tools & Linksâ tab. Then use â edit system credentialsâ ¦â button and enter the iLO 2 user name & password. Alternatively, select the management processors affected, and use the menu Options\Security\Credentials\System Credentials. SIM will then identify the iLO2, which can take a minute or two. Once complete, revisit the system credentials page and verify the presence of credential with type â sign-inâ in the â credentials in useâ table. At this point IPM will have the necessary information to log in to the iLO and perform power management operations.
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Re: Event Details: IPM authorization failure

Many Thanks Phil
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Re: Event Details: IPM authorization failure

I want to disable this notification from HP SIm,

Please guide with steps....