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Fail to add ESX blade servers

Alexander A
Valued Contributor

Fail to add ESX blade servers

Hi. I am trying to add our ESX server blades, in a c-Class Enclosure, to HP SIM and failing miserably.

The enclosure has 8 blades - 6 ESX and 2 Windows. The Windows servers has HP Sim agents and they are added fine, in enclosure . The ESX blades however aren't identified at all. SNMP is enabled with the correct community, Identify finds that it has SNMP - but no information is recieved and the server is added as a "Linux server" product type. Hardware and Software status polling give no output at all. Can anyone help me with this?

Attached is the output from Identify.
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Fail to add ESX blade servers


have you installed the ESX insight Agents ?
According to the identify output, the SMH is either not installed or misconfigured.

type a ps -ef |grep hpasm to see if some agents are running.

If the agents are installed then they may be misconfigured. Your blade servers should come up as server - Blade 460 - and ESX linux as the OS and not as linux servers only. This shows an snmp issue.

so :
1/check if insight agents are installed :
2/IF not : downolad here the latest version for ESX :

3/IF yes then check the snmpd.conf in /etc/snmpd and look for RO community string and Trap sink and trap destination configuration.

Hope it helps

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Alexander A
Valued Contributor

Re: Fail to add ESX blade servers

Hi and thanks for your time. I forgot to mention that the agent is not installed because of the problem earlier versions had. But should I not be able to have the nodes displayed as " in enclosure