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Failed status for unused NICs

Andrew K,
Occasional Advisor

Failed status for unused NICs

Our Integrity servers (rx4640, rx6600) show failed status (orange) on our unused NICs on the HP SMH page. Is there any way to disable those warnings but keep monitoring the other (used) NICs?

We are running SLES 10 SP1 and SLES 9 SP3 and experiencing the same issue on both. I tried to disable the NIC with ifdown and with the configuration files (onboot='no'; startmode='off') but to no avail. Removing the configuration file completely doesn't help either. Any idea?

Gordon Leonard
Honored Contributor

Re: Failed status for unused NICs

Disable the NIC port in the system BIOS* or create a loop back plug and connect it to the unused NIC.

*I'm assuming you can do this on a rx4640 & rx6600.