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Field Location and System Owner

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Field Location and System Owner

Hi there,

I want to enter some information in the custom fields "location" and "system owner".
At first: Where do I have to configure that? On the SNMP Agent on the System Management Homepage --> Settings --> SNMP Agent settings or can i configure that in the SIM --> Edit System propteries for that server?

Second question: I changed the information at both SNMP Agent settings and SIM. Thats about 20 hours ago. Now I'm creating a report and the information about "location" and "system owner" is still the old information and does not change.

Could anybody help me with that.
I just want to enter the information and have a report with that information...

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Field Location and System Owner

You can change the information in either ofthose two locations. I have found that for the new information to show up, I either have to restart SNMP for the changes to show up, or just run an Identify System on the server.
Neysters, Lutz
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Re: Field Location and System Owner

Generally spoken: If reports or tables in SIM still show old data, it is because a scheduled task hasn't run yet.
Things like "location" and "owner" aren't that vital SIM collects this data every minute or hour. Best (or worst) example is Software Version Status Polling. By default it is done once a week and until then newly installed drivers or agents won't change the icon in "Software Status". You have to "run now" that task manually if you want to see the results as soon as possible.

Re: Field Location and System Owner

What task do I have to run?

I found out, that the fields Contact and Location at the SNMP Service are different from the fields at SIM -> System Properties.
Is that right?

Neysters, Lutz
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Re: Field Location and System Owner

I don't know exactly which task collects information about these snmp settings, but if "Daily Device Identification" didn't succeed, "Weekly Data Collection" should do the job. For me "Identification" worked well.

Make sure you didn't check "Prevent Discovery, Identification and Data Collection processes from changing these system properties" in "Edit system properties" in SIM.