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'File System Space Used' Threshold Traps


'File System Space Used' Threshold Traps

I am running HPSIM v5.1. Prior to the installation, whenever a system breached the file system space used threshold I would receive a verbose e-mail containing drive letter, and other useage statistics. After installing v5.1, I now get a more generic trap. An example follows:

Subject: fs22: Trap.cpqMeRisingAlarmExtended: HPSIM Alert

Event Name: Trap.cpqMeRisingAlarmExtended
URL: https://fs22:2381/
Event originator: fs22
Event Severity: Critical
Event received: 20-Jun-2007, 14:39:16
Event description: Trap.cpqMeRisingAlarmExtended

Is there any way to restore the verbose description of this particular event?

Melinda Cooper
Frequent Advisor

Re: 'File System Space Used' Threshold Traps

We notice the same thing since upgrading. Hopefully you will get an answer. I believe it has something to do with the MIBS.
Honored Contributor

Re: 'File System Space Used' Threshold Traps

We are running 5.1 and are not having this problem. Make sure you have applied the latest MIBs. That is a different trap than the one that sends our drive space alerts.

Re: 'File System Space Used' Threshold Traps

There is a MIB update available for download, and I have installed it, but it provides no solution. I perused the README after the fact:

The README clearly states the following:

The MIBS contained in this Mib Update Kit are an integral part of HP Systems Insight Manager 5.1 release.
If this Mib Update Kit is applied to HP Systems Insight Manager 5.1, no warn will be done.
Lars Nilsson_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: 'File System Space Used' Threshold Traps

I have the same problem with HPSIM 5.1/Linux, and asked for a solution in this thread (Feb 19):

No replies yet...:-(