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File System Space Used Treshold

Mikael Oskarsson
Occasional Contributor

File System Space Used Treshold


I set varning = 90% and Crital = 95 on File System Space Used, and I get mail then treshold is passed, but HP SIM column HS does not get yellow and stays yellow as long as its over 90%?

But if pagefile used is more than my treshold is gets yellow as long as it is over the treshold.

Can any give me an answer on this?

Regards Mikael

Neysters, Lutz
Frequent Advisor

Re: File System Space Used Treshold

Hi Mikael,

if you look at your System Management Homepage (SMH), you will see some entries in the box "Operating System". In my case (PSP 7.90, OS W2K3) only the upper three are checked green:
Logical Disks, Processors, Server
The other entries are unchecked. This means, passing the threshold for Files System Space Usage, if it has been set at all, only gives you *1* event, sent to your Central management system (CMS) by SNMP trap. If the usage gets below the threshold again, no event will be processed.

Pagefile used is checked green on the page "Server" for me. This means, afaik, it is checked regularly and if its status is changed it influences the whole status of the server.

I would be pleased, too, if the file system usage would influence the system status, but just now, it doesn't.
Mikael Oskarsson
Occasional Contributor

Re: File System Space Used Treshold

Thanks for the answer.
Regards Mikael