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Gen8 + C7K Enclosures - OA Configuration for SIM + IRS and Users

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Gen8 + C7K Enclosures - OA Configuration for SIM + IRS and Users

I'm coming a little late to the agentless management solution with Gen8 machines.  I need to ask a question to understand what changes I may need to make on our blade enclosures.


So, a few things are known to me from managing SIM and the current documentation:


- Best to discover OA's first, which then find iLOs and hosts within the enclosures

- Some type of authentication is required to the OAs, iLOs, and hosts


So, here's what I need to know to successfully manage/monitor enclosures in SIM 7.3+ (with IRS 7+):


- Does every iLO still require a configured user?  I assume OA discovery is just that, the OA is not used to talk to iLOs later, it's just to help discover them.  After discovery, iLOs will communicate with SIM/IRS directly.

- What does the OA user need as for permissions?  I assume it can be a User role, but do I need to grant it access to all bays or is just adding the user for SIM sufficient?

- How do i know what credentials are used for what things?  I want to be able to use IRS with the OAs just like the iLOs.  I assume this is mainly where SNMP comes in (and the registration process).  What about the local OA/iLO user?


I usually do discoveries with SNMP and it works just fine.  I'm assuming the user piece is for agentless/IRS as it requires more access.  I admit to being a little confused on this.  Does anyone have this set up (SIM and IRS) for C7000's and Gen7/8 machines?  How did you do it?


It's difficult to correlate all the manuals to figure out the absolute answers on these..  my head is spinning a bit.  I have been doing SNMP for a long time, with IRSA, so IRS and agentless changes things a bit, but I still want SIM for internal events.