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Generic HP-SIM questions

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Generic HP-SIM questions

I'm trying to set up an SNMP-only environment using HP-SIM, but the doc is a bit confusing about what needs to be installed where.

I have a Windows 2003 system that I want as the SMC, and want to install agents on ProLiant and Integrity boxes running Windows, Linux and HPUX. Mostly setting up a testbed to see about going green (hardware monitors).

Have the following questions:
(1) Does HP-SIM 5.2 need to be installed on each system, or just the SMC?
(2) How does one update the MIBs on the monitored systems?
(3) Any plug-ins that are needed for hardware monitoring on a particular platform?

I've tried the Insight Management MIB updater for #2, and it seems to want SIM installed previously, but the SIM doc seems to only discuss the management side - not the managed side.

And yes, I'm pretty new to the HP platforms. :)

Rob Buxton
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Re: Generic HP-SIM questions

1. HPSIM is just installed once on the SMC. The HP Agents are either installed at the build if you use Smart Start or can be added later by installing the Proliant Support Pack.
MIBs are built into HPSIM, MIB Updates can be downloaded when new PSPs are released. The procedure is doc'd in the download file - just run a script.
MIBs for non-HP gear can be loaded using the mxmib and mcompile commands (google those)

There are plug-ins to extend HPSIM, for performance monitoring (PMP) Virtual Servers, Hosts and Guests (VMM) and others. Note it's aimed at monitoring HP gear, you can monitor non-HP gear but you will not get the same detail.

There's a lot of info at and if you follow the link to the reference library I recommend pulling down the technical/user guide.