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Getting SIM to update BL Enclosure contents...


Getting SIM to update BL Enclosure contents...

Hello to all...

HP SIM C. with hotfixes and BladeSystem Integrated Manager 3.5.1 plugin.

BladeSystem OA FW 2.60

Trying to get SIM to report on all the modules in our C class chassis.

SIM refuses to pick up two new BL460c G6 we put in recently as part of the Enclosure. They show up as servers though and SIM properly identifies them as BL460c G6. They are both fully instrumented with PSP8.50

Also one of the 8/24 SAN switches in the chassis does not show up in SIM at all.

Everything shows up in the OA just fine.

Identify and Discovery jobs within SIM don't solve the issue.

Is there anything else to try?
How does SIM process the equipment? Just via the OA device (c7000)? or straight IP discovery? Both?

Thoughts, comments, ideas are appreciated.



Re: Getting SIM to update BL Enclosure contents...

make sure you have SNMP properly configured (if you use wbem make sure credentials are OK) .Idetify the OA properly and then discover the blade servers.... take a look on the out put of the discovery to find out why is not peaking up the blade units(by then it should peak'em up).

regarding the san switch I dont feel 100% sure if the MIB's from 5.3 are included.
but you should find the answer when running the discovery at its output(at leas to have an idea of whats going on).

hope this help