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HBA not showing on SIM Homepage.

Hanré Van Rensburg
Occasional Advisor

HBA not showing on SIM Homepage.

I've just finished building a bunch of ESX 4 hosts and installed the latest HP Management agents for ESX.

Now on some of the hosts (all built to exactly the same spec with same ISO and build script) when you open the homepage on https://server:2381 you have a storage section with a link to 'External Storage Connections' which displays the 2x Emulex HBAs.

Problem I have is that on some of the hosts that I've built it doesn't show the HBA information in there (no external storage connections link).

All the Emulex HBAs on all hosts are using the same firmware as well ie. 2.80A4 (Z3F2.80A4).

Anyone seen this before? Any tipes on getting the HBA information to display correctly?

All the servers are ProLiant BL460c G1 blades.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: HBA not showing on SIM Homepage.

Did you checked the SMH log files on the different systems?

We already moved to ESXi. But I saw some timeouts once which lead to missing entries.