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HP Agents/SNMP configuration for ESX 3.5

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HP Agents/SNMP configuration for ESX 3.5

I installed the HPSIM agents 8.0.0 on my ESX 3.5 server. According to the hpmgmtlog the install completed successfully. I can access the system management homepage, so port 2381 on the firewall was opened. The snmpd service in the firewall is enabled as well. Here is my SNMPD.conf file

Sample snmpd.conf containing VMware MIB module entries.

This is a simple snmpd.conf that may help you test SNMP.
It is not recommended for production use. Consult the
snmpd.conf(5) man pages to set up a secure installation.

syscontact root@localhost (edit snmpd.conf)
syslocation room1 (edit snmpd.conf)
rocommunity public
trapcommunity public
trapsink localhost 10.x.x.x public

VMware MIB modules. To enable/disable VMware MIB items
add/remove the following entries.
dlmod SNMPESX /usr/lib/vmware/snmp/

I unplugged a power supply but did not see any alerts in SIM. I read this post for a Dell server that you have to run the remote CLI. Is there such a tool for HP? The hpmgmtlog also has this note –

NOTE: If you have not previously run the 'hpasm activate'
command you must type 'hpasm activate' as 'root' user
to activate the agent software in this package.

When I run the hpasm activate command it returns command not found.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Agents/SNMP configuration for ESX 3.5

A few things.
I don't think 8.0.0 is supported for ESX 3.5, get hold of 8.2.0
Extract the files and look for the hpmgmt.conf.example, copy and edit it to add the values you want. You then use that in a silent install - see the readme file included in the tar.
Trapsink needs to point to the HPSIM Server, not local host, that's the trap send destination - so that's the main problem.

Yo also need a line like:
rocommunity public myserver
Which allows the HPSIM Server snmp access.

I think the line
rocommunity public
needs either localhost or after it, you should also have a similar rwcommunity line.

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Re: HP Agents/SNMP configuration for ESX 3.5


From the readme.txt - IMPORTANT:
From the 8.0.0 release onwards, the HP Insight Manager Agents support only
ESX versions 3.0.1 and above.

Thanks for the information, I got them working.

Can you provide me with a link to the 8.2 agents?


Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Agents/SNMP configuration for ESX 3.5

8.20 Agents.
If you go to there's a simple jump down to Support and Drivers. Just enter a model number and then drill down to the OS you need. ESX is at the bottom.