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HP Insight Management Agent update requiring reinstall.

John Salsbury
Occasional Contributor

HP Insight Management Agent update requiring reinstall.

We are updating DL servers from PSP 7.51 to 7.91. (about a thousand of them) In probably 3/4's of these updates there is a problem with the install. First we notice Foundation Agents wont start. I also got these errors in the system event log:
The SNMP Service is ignoring extension agent dll C:\WINNT\system32\CpqMgmt\Cqmghost\hostmib.dll because it is missing or misconfigured.
Component: Foundation SNMP Agent
Error: The agent is older than other components.
Cause: The agent is older than the other components of the Management Agents. Reinstall all of the Management Agents to correct this error.
Another HP Forum post alerted me to the fact that this file: (C:\WINNT\system32\cqhstutl.dll) was also missing (this was not in any event log but did get the foundation agents running, altho there was still an issue with SNMP).

I resolved the issue by uninstalling the HP Insight Management Agents via add/remove programs and reinstalling(reinstalling over did not always work).

My question is why is this failing and what can we do to mitigate this problem. Reinstalling HP Insight Management Agents on this many boxes plus the new ones coming online is really not a practical resolution in my opinion.
Is this a known issue? Any plans to correct?

John Salsbury
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Insight Management Agent update requiring reinstall.

Nice Support.