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HP Insight Management for vCenter - OA and VC issues

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HP Insight Management for vCenter - OA and VC issues

Hi All,


Ive been looking for answers everywhere for this, So I thought I would check and see if someone here had an answer for me,

Ive recently tried looking at the Insight management plugin for vCenter v7 Im running vCenter 5 and ESX 5. running a heap of BL620 G7s with the HP build of ESXi5


Everything about the plugin is workng great but I cant seem to find where to add in virtual connect information for the hosts and same with the OA, Ive added in the accounts from the home management page but, I can seam to accosiate it to the hosts so the networking option doesnt work.


Can someone please point me in the right direction to get the virtual connect information forted for the hosts?