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HP Insite Manager on Hyper V VM

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HP Insite Manager on Hyper V VM

Does anyone know if you can install the HP Systems Insight Manager on a Hyper V VM running Windows 2008.  We are trying to virtualize as much as we can and I would like to virtual the HP SIM if possible.  I have read some information saying you can do it with ESX but we run Hyper V.  I really don't want to dedicate another server for HP SIM.

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Re: HP Insight Manager on Hyper V VM

I as well would like to achieve this.  Currently we're running SIM 5.3 on a DL380 G3.  I'm fairly confident that if I migrate the server using System Center VMM I can get it to 'come up' as a virtual machine.  I also was encouraged to read the latest release could run as a virtual server, saddened to see only VMWare ESX support.  The fact that it's not supported might not mean that it doesn't work, just that they've had better 'luck' with it on ESX.....

jim goodman
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Re: HP Insight Manager on Hyper V VM

From the Quick Specs for SIM6.3


  • Microsoft Hyper-V running guest Windows 2003 Standard and Enterprise
  • Microsoft Hyper-V running guest Windows 2008 Standard and Enterprise

I believe they need to be 64-bit though and I haven't heard directly any feedback from anyone who has done it so I don't where you might run into performance and scalability issues. I would probably recommend a remote db just better your chances. May be someone else with some experice will drop in on this.


It'd be cool if you do it to drop on note here to share it with the community.