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HP SIM 5.0 SP5 to 5.1 SP1 and Hot fix upgrades Question

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Mahesh Shah_3
Frequent Advisor

HP SIM 5.0 SP5 to 5.1 SP1 and Hot fix upgrades Question

I just upgraded from HP SIM 5.0 SP5 to 5.1 SP1 and hot fix in developer environment, before I upgrade into production environment. After the upgrade I have noticed the following changes, I am looking for answers for the following questions.

1. What is use of Insight Power Manager Options under Options tab? And do you enable options or not? what is use for it.? need license or not?
2. When you open All Servers then select system name, on the next screen, server properties it shows new Essentials tab. What is use for it?
3. Which version of MIB is used for SIM 5.1 SP1? You can only find MIB v7.70 on HP web, looks like 7.80 has been removed.
4. We received System is unreachable messages. I checked both options under Options, Events then ‘Status Change Event Settings’, since upgrade to 5.1 sp1 we do not receiving any reachable event messages after server reboot.

Note: I found on the HP SIM site, there is HOT FIX available for 5.1 or 5.1 SP1 install, only.

fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 SP5 to 5.1 SP1 and Hot fix upgrades Question


1.Insight Power Manager : more info here : http://h18013.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/ipm/index.html
HP Insight Power Manager (IPM) is an integrated power monitoring and management application that provides centralized control of server power consumption and thermal output at the datacenter level. It extends the capacity of datacenters by enabling you to reduce the amount of power and cooling required for ProLiant servers. Built on ProLiant Power Regulator Technology, it extends new server energy instrumentation levers into HP Systems Insight Manager for greater Unified Infrastructure Management.
Licence need :Yes. the server you want to monitor in terms of Power consumption has to be licenced (5 free licences provided by HP SIM). Since the data are collected through the ilo, the ilo itself has to have a certain level of licence (either advanced or select pack)

2.Learn about the HPâ s Essentials products.
Context sensitive page changes based on device selected
It Displays details of ProLiant, Integrity or Storage Essentials products that maybe of interest to user
Provides brief product description and link for more information

3. 7.90upgrade available here :
7.90 MIB update kit for Windows: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?swItem=MTX-4afb86e6ea43480ab9a7a57c12〈=en&cc=us&mode=5&

7.90 MIB update kit for Linux and hp-UX: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&swItem=MTX-9fdb8225aed14531b9bf349b9e&jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN

4.checking this part.

hope it helps


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Mahesh Shah_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 SP5 to 5.1 SP1 and Hot fix upgrades Question


Thank you for the responding to my questions.

1. Insight Power Manager:
Can you disable or uninstall this option, if you are not planning use. Since licensing is required and I have over 1500 servers in HP SIM.
2. Essential Products.
Can you disable or uninstall this option.
3. MIB Updates:
I found on the HP WEB site v 7.80B October 2007, but when you click on Revision History, it shows the 7.80B first, then 7.90 September 2007. This could be a typo?

Looks like HP made changes, the Update MIB kit is a full complement of MIBs, so you no longer need to compile any older versions first.
4. Since upgrade to 5.1 sp1 and hot fix, we are not receiving any reachable event messages after server reboot.