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HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

Bill Gushue
Frequent Advisor

HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

I have received mib files for a Liebert UPS from a cd. According to the readme file, I have to compile these mibs in the following order:

RFC1628_UPS_MIB.MIB (Load Last)

I run 'mcompile LIEBERT_GP_REG.MIB' and it compiles successfully. I then run 'mxmib -a LIEBERT_GP_REG.cfg' and the file is imported correctly. That's where my success story ends.

I then try to run 'mcompile LIEBERT_GP_COND.MIB' and I receive the following:

"Compiling liebert_gp_cond.mib

Processing import file: SNMPv2-SMI.mib
Failed to open import file: liebert-gp-registration-mib.mib
could not compile module LIEBERT-GP-REGISTRATION-MIB

Mib file compilation completed with warnings"

The liebert_gp_cond.cfg file is created, but when I run 'mxmib -a liebert_gp_cond.cfg' on it, I receive the following:

"IMPORTING CFG liebert_gp_cond.cfg
Error reading CFG: MIB node has no parent Line: 6.

mxmib -a
mxmib -f
mxmib -l
mxmib -t
mxmib -d

I've attached the LIEBERT_GP_REG.MIB file (I think I can only attach one file). I would copy and paste the other file, but it is quite long.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

Check the Liebert site. Those names don't match what's posted there.
Bill Gushue
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

I visited the Liebert site (after now finding out the UPS has an OpenComms Web Card) and the same files were downloaded, but it did look like a different version - still didn't work.

Can you point me to the files that you found that were named differently?

Valued Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

I wonder if the LIEBERT_GP_COND.MIB file references the LIEBERT_GP_REG.MIB file as "LIEBERT-GP-REGISTRATION-MIB" instead of the actual name of the file, "LIEBERT_GP_REG.MIB".

Open LIEBERT_GP_COND.MIB and look for a line with "LIEBERT-GP-REGISTRATION-MIB" in it, and change it to the actual MIB file name which is "LIEBERT_GP_REG.MIB". Then try to recompile. I've had to do that with a couple of my MIB files.

Or you could try the reverse. Rename "LIEBERT_GP_REG.MIB" to "LIEBERT-GP-REGISTRATION-MIB", compile it into SIM, then try to compile "LIEBERT_GP_COND.MIB".
Bill Gushue
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

I saw that, but was afraid to start editing mib files (don't know much about them). I decided to try your second suggestion and renamed the file and it worked! I had to do it later on with the LIEBERT_GP_COND.MIB file also (renamed it to LIEBERT-GP-CONDITIONS-MIB.MIB).

So I managed to get the REG, COND, AGENT and ENV mib files compiled and imported, but now am stuck on the LIEBERT_GP_NOTIFY.MIB file. I've managed to compile it, but when I try to import it, I get the following message:

"IMPORTING CFG liebert_gp_notify.CFG
Error reading CFG: MIB node has no parent Line:22.

First of all, it looks like all this mibs should be renamed, but it doesn't look like this is the issue here. I've enlosed the mib file. Sorry, it may be simple, but I'm new to editing mib files.

Thank you very much!
Valued Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

I don't know much about editing MIB files either :)

Can you attach the CFG file? Maybe that will give us a clue.
Bill Gushue
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

Good idea...
Valued Contributor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

Well the thing SIM doesn't like is this line:

lgpConditionsTable OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { lgpConditions 3 }

I suspect, based on the lines following it, that the real problem is with the "lgpConditions 3" statement. However, I am now at the end of my MIB expertise, unfortunately. I think we'll need to wait for someone else to join in the thread.

Sorry I couldn't help further, but I'll keep watching the thread.
Bill Gushue
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

I obtained a support number and one of the options was for monitoring support. They knew exactly what I was talking about and they sent me another .zip file, which included only the cfg. files. I compiled them using the provided cfglist.list file, which compiled the following files:


Notice the names. Anyway, this worked! I've posted the .zip file, in case anyone can use it. The Liebert model we're using is the NXb and it has an OpenComms Web Card.

Now I'm hoping there's a way to test the traps. If so, I'll update this post so that you know everything worked.

Thanks for your patience!
Bill Gushue
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

Just a follow-up. I am indeed receiving traps with specific information (not just generic), so everything seems fine.

One caveat, though - a couple of weeks ago the UPS switched to bypass mode and back about four times and every trap I received was "informational," so I had to re-define my filters. We were filtering out "informational" and thus missing these e-mail alerts, so I added a filter for the Event Types related to those messages. Haven't tested yet, but it should work.
Matt Rogers - Hudson
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

I appreciate the information provided here and would like to thank you for providing the cfg files. I will try to get them loaded this evening and post a reply as to my results.

Again, thanks for the hard work.

Re: HP SIM 5.0 and Liebert mib files

I too have had a similar issue but think I have it sorted (some info here for reference).

It looks like each OBJECT IDENTIFIER line of the cfg file - yours being:
lgpConditionsTable OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { lgpConditions 3 }

...defines an object using another object - which has to have already been defined itself (logical really).
In this case you would want to see an "lgpConditions OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::=" line somewhere before the error line.

I fixed my errors by opening other compiled MIBs (CFGs) that had loaded OK, found the definition line missing from my non-working CFG, then added it in just in front of the error line & re-import.
This sorted it out for me.

Hope this info helps.